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Scared Customers


“@stranglingbros is the best haunted house I’ve ever been to!!!!! #halloween2012″ ~Marilyn

“so freakin scaryy!!” ~Kearstin

“k when i went i cried for how scary it is dont laugh because i bet you would cry too” ~Ashley

“@stranglingbros you dont even know how excited i am!!”~Brittany

“You guys are seriously the most creative, innovative, and piss-my-freakin’-pants frightening haunted house I’ve ever been to. You really know how to put on a good show, and I’ve been to haunted attractions all over the country. NOTHING comes even close to this crazy circus. Well done, and can’t wait till this year’s show!” ~ Derek

“Yep. I’m gonna die here.” ~Casey

“Once again, even more so than last year, you guys blew every other haunt out of the water. My throat still hurts from screaming last night. I would go again in a heart beat, unless my heart stopped, which wasn’t out of the question last night. Perfect scares, actors, timing, and amazing new additions. You have greatly pleased this horror fan” ~Derek

“I just want to thank everyone at Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus…. The ride in the semi was AMAZING.. And a HUGE shout out to Bob and Jim.. You made the night PERFECT… BEST HAUNT IN THE STATE…..” ~Nina

Location & Hours

Draper, Utah

Located East of the Bangerter Exit/North of Boondocks/Just North of the point of the mountain +  View the Calendar below for dates and times!

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