The Scariest Haunt on Earth

The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is like no other haunted house you’ve ever experienced. Voted the 7th Scariest Haunted House in the World in 2013, the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus has returned for the most terrifying season yet. And the demonic freaks of our sideshow are dying
to meet you…

"Yep, I'm gonna die here." – Casey, Salt Lake City

Do You Dare?

Visitors all agree that Strangling Brothers will make your blood curdle. And for Salt Lake City and Dallas residents, the circus is rolling into town.

This haunted attraction is like a real-life horror movie, but you can’t press pause. You’ll come face to face with freaky and unruly characters who are waiting to take you away to another world. As you tour the tractor trailer and big top, you’re limits will be tested.

Designed by veterans of the haunted attraction industry, Strangling Brothers Haunted Circuses in Salt Lake City and Dallas have professional productions like no other haunted house. Imagine mind-blowing high-tech effects, cutting-edge animatronics, innovative lighting, wicked sounds, and the most sinister misfits and creatures you will find anywhere.

"You guys blew every other haunted attraction out of the water. Perfect scares, actors, timing, and amazing new additions. You have greatly pleased this horror fan." – Derek, Salt Lake City

The Fear is Spreading

Voted the #1 Scariest Haunted House in Salt Lake City, Utah, and 7th Scariest Haunted Attraction in the World for 2013, the Strangling Brothers are now terrifying victims in Dallas and Salt Lake City. But the fear is spreading—Chicago and Houston we are coming for you in 2015!

A Twisted Tale: The Origin of Strangling Brothers

In the early years of the 1900s, a mysterious traveling circus roamed the countryside. It crawled from town to town, greedily claiming more than its fair share of screams and dreams.

A ruthless ringmaster led the mysterious circus. And he sought new recruits amongst every audience. The Ringmaster focused on freaks, outcasts,
and orphans.

he traveling circus was known for its Freak Show. Patrons were infected with the desire to witness the unimaginable horrors under the tents. Scenes that would haunt them forever!

The cruelty of the Ringmaster bred malice within the shadows of his own circus. Two of the misfits were excellent disciples of darkness; they convinced the others to band together against him.

The deviants murdered the great Ringmaster and took control of the circus. They were then known as the “Strangling Brothers.”

Dressed as clowns, the torturers were even more evil than the Ringmaster. And, with the “Strangling Brothers” at the helm of this epic freakshow, the circus was darker than ever before.

The freaks of the Strangling Brothers circus have not forgotten the torment of the evil Ringmaster, and their thirst for vengeance is yet to be sated. Today, the Strangling Brothers and their crew still have a thirst for new blood. And they are coming for you!

Now haunting in Salt Lake City and Dallas; opening in Houston and Chicago in 2015!

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