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Utahns Vote Strangling Brothers the Most Frightening Haunted House

Ksl.com posted an article on October 29, 2013 asking Utahns to rate the top 5 haunted houses. The Ksl.com team asked four volunteers to go to five different haunted houses along the Wasatch Front. The participants went to:

  • Cornbelly’s – Lehi, Utah
  • The Haunted Forest – American Fork, Utah
  • Fear Factory – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Nightmare on 13th – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus – Draper, Utah

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Cornbelly’s was found to be the most family friendly. The other haunted houses had their own charms as well, but the group agreed that, “the most frightening place was The Strangling Brothers’ Haunted Circus.”


One of the participants shared his personal experience at the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus: “…he was really freaked out when he was put in a dimly lit room with strobe lights going off while clowns were running all around him.”One moment they’re [at one place] then they’re closer and closer. You get adrenaline going through you very fast,” he said.”

Read more about what the Ksl.com Utah Haunted Houses article had to say about haunted house experiences. You can also vote for the Haunted House you prefer most.

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Haunted Places in Utah: Saltair – Utah’s Ghost Resort

Few Utah buildings have as much mystery and lore as the Great Saltair. Perched on the shore of the Utah’s dead sea, Saltair was once one a luxurious resort for Salt Lake City residents. But now almost entirely deserted, this ghost resort is one of Utah’s real haunted places.

The Mormon Church built Saltair in 1893 as a recreational escape for Salt Lake residents. The founders wanted a place for wholesome fun and relaxation, billing it as the “Coney Island of the West.”

For nearly 30 years, Saltair drew up to a half-million people annually with its salt-water swimming and amusement park attractions including Ferris wheels, roller coasters, rodeos, hot air balloons, and bullfights. Saltair also boasted the largest unobstructed dance floor in the United States at the time.

But a destructive fire leveled this vibrant resort in 1925. The Great Depression dealt another powerful blow, leaving the skeletal ruins empty. Over the decades several Utah investors tried to resurrect the resort, but Saltair never reached the same popularity as it had in the early century. Fires, flooding, and receding shorelines thwarted the best efforts to rebuild the “Lady of the Lake.” But, in 1993, 100 years after its original opening, the decrepit Saltair building was revamped and opened as a musical venue.

The Utah resort has captured the imaginations of many who have seen it grimly standing on the salty shore. One director couldn’t get the haunting scene out of his head and later wrote a horror movie about the Utah landmark in 1962. The film, Carnival of Souls, depicts Saltair as a haunted amusement park that beckons a Salt Lake City newcomer to its haunted grounds.

But the haunted tales of Saltair aren’t just for the silver screen—for a place built with wholesomeness in mind it seems to have a much darker side. Visitors to Utah’s Saltair claim that building now holds more than traveling acts and cheering fans.

Some believe the souls of old band members linger where the great dance floor once stood. Visitors and staff have also seen a ghost cat that appears before vanishing. Utah legends have been told about fun seekers who perished in one of the destructive Saltair fires. But film crews have more solid evidence of the hauntings in the Utah building; several recording exist of bright spots and eerie sounds around the site.

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Haunted Places in Utah: Clearfield, Utah

Clearfield, Utah, is approximately 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City. This Davis County town is said to have more than its share of haunted places.

Formerly home of an old navy base and close to the Hill Air Force Base, Clearfield, Utah, has long been a hotspot for military activity. With so many soles passing through the town, there are bound to be some who stay…even after death.

Dormitories at the Job Corps Center
The dorms are said to house both living and non-living residents. Dorm L has been haunted by an old military nurse who continues to make her rounds although the patients have long since left. She has also been seen floating around the TB dormitory.

A spirit of a man eerily lingers in the M building near the fire exit; legend says it is the ghost of a young man who hung himself. Another ghostly man, possibly a former residential advisor, walks the corridors to be sure the students are in their rooms at curfew.

Other spirits haunt the residential halls, including a young girl, perhaps the daughter of a military family who once lived on the Utah base. Job Corps student have seen her by the entrance of the dorm or bouncing a ball down the hallway.

The site of a former military morgue, several spirits haunt the Job Corps theatre. The ghosts interfere with the projector and move object around the Utah building.

Clearfield Schools
At least two of the schools in Clearfield, Utah, are said to be haunted. Holt Elementary is home to the ghost of a young boy who drowned in nearby Steed’s Pond. Teachers and students have seen the boy on the school grounds dressed in wet clothing. He is often seen near the back entrance to the Utah school where unexplained puddles and wet footprints appear.

The old North Davis Junior High is allegedly haunted by more than one spirit. A girl has been seen in the locker room. Other occurrences, like machines and lights turning on and off also indicate the Utah school is haunted.

Steed’s Pond
Perhaps the most eerie of the haunted places in Clearfield, Utah, is Steed’s Pond. Many children are said to have drowned in its water. Visitors have heard ghostly cries for help. At night, one can here a sinister whisper inviting you to “come here…”.

Visitors have claimed to hear similar cries on the train track adjacent to the Utah pond. Sounds of crying can also be heard on the tracks where more than one life was taking by a passing locomotive.

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Haunted Places in Utah: Brigham City, Utah

Brigham City is located in Northern Utah, about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City. Settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1850s, Brigham City, Utah, was home to institutions with checkered pasts. It’s no wonder Brigham City residents tell terrifying tales of more than one haunted house in the area.

Dove Creek Camp
The Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869 in Promontory Point, Utah. This massive undertaking completed the railroad that connected the East Coast with the West. In order to build the railroad, thousands of Chinese immigrants were recruited to lay tracks, many of who lived in the Dove Creek Camp outside of Brigham City, Utah. Hundreds of the mistreated laborers died while slaving on the rails. After the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, residents abandoned the camp in search of work. But people who have visited the Utah camp believe some of the Chinese workers still haunt the site.

Visitors have seen apparitions of Chinese workers wandering or laboring in the camp. Others have seen haunting lights, including sparks from the ground, like those of a hammer hitting railroad spikes. Distinctly Chinese voices can be heard in the wind on the Dove Creek Camp site. Campers have also heard the chugging of a ghost locomotive in the distance and the faint glimmers of lanterns.

Old Indian Schools
The buildings outside of Brigham City were originally constructed to be the state-of-the-art Bushnell Military Hospital for wounded World War II soldiers. Also, German and Italian prisoners of war were held there. Records indicate that nearly 100 soldiers died while at the Utah hospital.

After the military closed the hospital, the federal government remodeled the buildings and founded the Intermountain Indian School. The boarding school, created to educate Navajo students from Arizona, housed Native Americans children, up to 2100 students at a time, between the years of 1950 and 1984. It was closed in the mid-eighties, leaving the Utah buildings vacant. Some buildings have been demolished, but there are several crumbling structures that remain—and many believe they are haunted.

Urban legends of Utah tell of the hauntings and strange happenings in the Old Indian Schools. The tunnels that run beneath the graffiti-covered haunted buildings were constructed to provide quick evacuation from the army hospital. But stories have been told that the amputated limbs of wounded soldiers were thrown in these tunnels.

Also, stories tell of Satanic rituals held in the buildings—the tunnels being used to carry away blood from the ceremonies. One room, as described by trespassers, includes an altar and blood-covered walls. Many visitors to the Utah building have also encountered haunts: items inexplicably flying on their own, doors opening and closing without human intervention, ghost sightings, and eerie disembodied voices.

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Haunted Places in Utah: Benjamin, Utah

Benjamin, Utah, is located in Utah County, about an hour south of Salt Lake City.  The small, rural town of Benjamin consists of only 1200 residents; however, not all who roam within the city limits are still alive. For a city small on size, it is big on hauntings.   

Old Arrowhead Swimming Resort
The Old Arrowhead Swimming Resort in Benjamin, Utah, is said to be home to more than one ghostly being. In the 1970’s, a small boy drowned while swimming in the resort’s pool. Many claim he haunts the site of the former Utah resort. The owners and family members report seeing a shadowy figure resembling the boy wandering the property.

They also say a green mist rises from the stairs of this haunted house during the night. In one of the upstairs bedrooms, guests can hear several whispering voices that begin conversing only after 1 a.m.  A ghostly apparition of an old woman appears and vanishes in the lower bedrooms. Other visitors to the Utah haunted house have reported seeing a ghostly cat that meanders at the back where a feline had been buried years ago.

Benjamin Pump House
The Benjamin Pump House is another haunted attraction in this small town. It was built to regulation the flow of irrigation water to surrounding Utah farmlands, but it is no longer used. It is widely known by locals to be one of the area’s real haunted houses.

Utah legend tells of a tragic accident that occurred late one night while two men were operating the pumps. It is believed one man became entangled in the machinery, and the other lost his arm trying to free his friend. Both men lost massive too much blood to survive their injuries. Although there is no longer electricity in the pump house, passing drivers have seen light seeping from the boarded-up windows late at night.

City officials claim that town residents have complained about noise and trespassers in the Utah pump house, but no one is found in the building when they arrive. Even more eerie, they don’t find any evidence that anyone had ever entered the haunted house. Visitors have also heard loud voices and music coming from the house—but are shocked to find the Utah building empty.

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Haunted Places Utah: Cedar City

A short three-and-a-half-hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, Cedar City draws audiences with its cultural attractions and access to outdoor recreation.

Home of the Utah Shakespearean Festival, this small Southern Utah town is well known for its dramatics. But Cedar City residents report that not all drama is on the stage. The town’s haunted houses are the setting of many ghostly performances.

Brick House
The Brick House is a historical building on Cedar City’s Main Street. Now Betty’s Café, many believe it is a one of the real haunted places in Utah. Visitors have reported an active presence that haunts the house and often interferes with the electricity. Although they are not sure who the man is, he is often seen late at night wearing a plaid shirt.

Retirement Center
Some Cedar City , Utah, residents claim to have seen evidence first-hand proving the abandoned retirement center is haunted. An old woman stares out the window watching passing cars. Also, lights flicker on and off without intervention from the living. The haunted Utah building is also home to moving apparitions who float in and out of the empty corridors.

The Depot Junction
The Depot Junction is said to be home to at least one spirit, probably many. A psychic that visited the Utah site said that a worker had died in the basement, and he lingers to haunt the living. Strange sounds of moaning, screaming and clanking can be heard without explanation. Lights, and even a television, have turned on without intervention from the living. When a piano was in the Utah building, it would hauntingly play the same note again and again. There have also been accounts of the eerie sounds of a small girl crying  from the front area of the Utah building, but no living child is present.

Southern Utah University’s Old Main Building
Many occurrences indicate the Old Main Building at Southern Utah University is haunted. Lights turn on and off, and unexplained electrical happenings have left students trapped in the elevator. This same elevator often moves up and down without explanation. Employees have seen a ghostly woman wandering around the third floor. The haunted building has said to be so unnerving for faculty and staff that many won’t spend time there after dark.

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Haunted Utah: Utah’s Ghost Towns

When looking for haunted places in Utah, one can’t ignore the many ghost towns scattered across the region. These towns once served as the center of life in rural Utah, but now they stand eerily deserted. The living may have moved on long ago, but ghost towns are no doubt some of the most haunted spots in the Beehive State.

Grafton, Utah
The site of Grafton, about a 5-hour drive from Salt Lake City, is nestled in the majestic red rocks of Southern, Utah. Although the setting is beautiful, this small town was destined to perish from the time of its founding.

The original Utah town was washed away when the Virgin River broke its banks in 1862. Settlers moved the town upstream and rebuilt the primary structures, including a one-room school and a church. But the raging river, along with trouble with Native Americans, led the residents to permanently abandon their homes for safer locations.

Ghost hunters say Grafton is one of the real haunted attractions in Utah. There have been reports of disembodied footsteps echoing through the empty buildings. Visitors also claim that the breath of ghostly souls can be felt on the back of the neck. Perhaps, those who died in the flooding or in territory scuffles remain to protect their small town.

Eureka, Utah
Although the town still has over 700 residents, Eureka, Utah, is listed as a ghost town in many guides. It was once a bustling Utah city surrounded by active mines. From the 1870s to the 1950s, mineral deposits were taken from the surrounding country, but now the operations have no activity—at least by the living.

Visitors to Eureka claim the many abandoned buildings are haunted. Reports of spirits appearing in photographs may confirm that not all the miners left the Utah town. An apparition of an older man dressed in mining gear approaches visitors, only to disappear into the air.

Mercur was once the epitome of the Old West—rowdy saloons, rugged criminals, brothels, and pistol shootouts. But the Utah town, which once boasted over 6000 residents, came to an early demise when a fire mostly destroyed it in 1902. By 1913, it was completely deserted due to the rising costs in the Utah mining industry. Only the haunted cemetery remains.

Legends of Mercur state that the town is still haunted by some of the colorful characters who once lived there. Visitors have reported unexplained happenings to cameras and flashlights. They have also heard ghostly sounds and felt “cold spots” while visiting Mercur. Many have seen the apparition of a small girl who was buried in the Utah cemetery, Annie Jones. Small dolls can be found on her grave, left by well-wishing visitors.

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Haunted Utah: Haunted Spots in Ogden Part 2

Ogden, one of Utah’s most intriguing towns, is home to several real haunted places. The wild past of the town meant that colorful characters visited, lived, and died inside the city limits. Residents claim that the spirits of these haunted places often interfere with the living.

Ogden City Cemetery
It should be no surprise to read that spirits wander within the gates of Ogden City Cemetery. Visitors to the Utah graveyard claim that not all the souls there remain underground.

One story tells of a young girl named Florence who died in the Utah cemetery when she was hit by a car while sitting on the curb. Utah legend says that if you drive by her grave late at night and flash the lights three times, the young girl will appear as a haunting green orb. “Flo” then transforms into the apparition of a young girl as she approaches. Perhaps she is still waiting for her ride after all this time.

Gray Cliff Lodge
Gray Cliff Lodge, located in Ogden Canyon, is reportedly haunted by more than one spirit. Guests have claimed to see the ghosts of early Native Americans who once inhabited the Utah region. Another spirit who haunts the building appears as a man who strolls the halls, but his presence vaporizes into thin air after the living spot him. Guests have heard children’s voices and have seen doors and windows close on their own in this haunted place.

Ogden’s Egyptian Theatre
Theatres are often hotspots for paranormal activity—possibly because of the dramatic souls who spend time within their walls. Utah’s theatres are no exception. The Egyptian theatre in Ogden has several reports of hauntings.

The ghost of a young, beautiful girl is the most commonly seen spirit in this Utah theatre. She has been seen regularly in the building since it was remodeled in 1997. The apparition of the young girl has shoulder-length hair and appears to be no older than a teenager. She is often seen near the stairs that lead to the balcony.

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Haunted Utah: Haunted Spots in Ogden Part 1

Just 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Ogden, Utah, is home to dozens of haunted places. As a major railway station for much of its history, Ogden has seen many pass through town, but it seems some ghosts stay in town to haunt the living residents.

25th Street
Historic 25th Street is the centerpiece of Ogden, Utah. It is now a symbol of downtown’s revival, with boutiques and restaurants lining the street. But in the late 1800s, Ogden, Utah, was a bustling railway town rumored to be one of the murder capitals of the United States.

In the 1890s, 25th Street buildings mostly housed brothels. The Utah storefronts didn’t sell such scandalous goods openly, but underground tunnels connected the buildings to accommodate secret sales. The Utah brothels were hidden from view, but occasionally the police arrived to break up the party. When law enforcement raided the Utah buildings, the prostitutes and customers would retreat to the secret tunnels.

Legend tells that these tunnels are now haunted by the several souls who died while underground. Perhaps their souls have been cursed to haunt the tunnels, forever avoiding the police officers who once looked for them.

Bellshire Hospital
The Bellshire Hospital was a mental facility located in Ogden, Utah. Histories of the hospital claim that the doctor in charge mistreated patients. The experimental treatments performed in this hospital may have led to more than one death of the patients there for care. It’s violent past has led many to believe that this place is haunted.

As a hotbed for paranormal activity, ghost hunters have explored the building and recorded eerie sounds of disembodied voices. One such recording sounds as if someone is crying, “I can’t breath.” Visitors to the area have reported hearing blood-curdling screams and seeing figures lingering at the windows. There is no doubt that this is one of Utah’s haunted places.

Union Railroad Station
This Utah railway station was busy with passengers in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In 1923 the station burned down, killing many. The station was also used as a temporary morgue.

The spirits who live in this haunted building often interfere with the business of the living. The water, especially in the ladies’ room, has unexplained plumbing disruption. Some have seen an apparition of a woman in blue running from the tracks. Another ghost in this haunted place, nicknamed “Yehudi”, is said to be flirtatious with the living—often brushing up against female guests. The suave ghost’s trickery is just one piece of evidence that proves this Utah railway station is haunted.

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Haunted Utah: Haunted Spots in Salt Lake City Part 2

Ghost hunters have long chased the spirits that haunt the historic buildings in downtown Salt Lake City—and they have no shortage of locations. Nearly every block boasts at least one alley or structure that is haunted by Salt Lakers from another time.

Trolley Square
From the downtown Salt Lake City site, Trolley Square was the center of the valley’s public transportation system with over 140 trolleys operating everyday. Built in 1908, the square was a bustling hub of activity until the line was discontinued in 1945. Left to decay for nearly three decades, the square was later transformed into a unique shopping, dining, and entertainment center for Salt Lake City residents.

Staff and visitors have long claimed the historic Utah site is haunted. A ghost of an elderly man named Walt haunts the Trolley Square theatre. Walt is believed to be the spirit of a doorman who once worked at the theatre. Irritated with the living, he often interferes with the living by moving and throwing objects. Shadowy figures have also been seen to dart across the twisting halls then to only vanish in thin air. These halls often fill with the eerie sounds of old machinery and the disembodied shouts of trolley workers who haunt the site.

Judge Building
The Judge Building is one of the most notable places in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The historic ten-story office building is home to several professional businesses and the Utah favorite Judge Café. But, it is probably best known as the location of the 1985 bombing by Mark Hoffman. Hoffman had intended to cheat the Mormon Church out of millions in the sale of forged documents he claimed to be early writings of church leaders. The bomb was meant for the Utah man who was going to out Hoffman as a fraud.

Although no one was killed in the incident, workers claim that they hear footsteps in the hallways late at night. The elevators in the downtown Salt Lake City building often operate on their own, stopping and starting without explanation.

Memory Grove
Memory Grove is a scenic park just north of downtown Salt Lake City. The location is home to beautifully landscaped grounds and the historic building Memorial House. The area is now used for nature walks and is a popular wedding location. It is common to see brides wandering the area being followed by photographers.

But many visitors to the Salt Lake City park say it is haunted by a bride who tragically died before she could walk down the aisle. The young woman has been seen in a wedding dress and veil, often vanishing inexplicably. Salt lake City legends have been told about the unlucky woman who died in a gruesome car accident in the 1930s or 1940s on her wedding day. She now lingers forever waiting for her special day. Others have heard disembodied voices of other ghosts who haunt the area.

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