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Brigham Young’s Forest Farm House – Real Haunted Houses in Utah

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Haunted houses and haunted attractions are extremely popular in Salt Lake, but costumed ghouls and clowns in terrifying make-up aren’t the only frightening figures in the capital city. Salt Lake City is home to plenty of real haunted houses with paranormal presence.

The Brigham Young Forest Farm House at This is the Place State Park is one of the many real haunted houses in Salt Lake City. The picturesque 1800’s farmhouse presents a slice of life from when the Salt Lake Valley was first settled. But many who have toured the park claim there is a far more sinister presence in the home than its lack of indoor plumbing and electricity.

Until the 1890s, the Forest Farm House was one of several homes Brigham Young lived in with his wives. Life in the farmhouse seemed to go smoothly until his nineteenth wife, Eliza Webb Dee Young, became unhappy with her marriage. Eliza reportedly resented being one of many spouses and expressed her anger at being relocated to the farmhouse in order to make room for other wives in Young’s main residence. She later divorced the polygamist, left Salt Lake City, and spent the remainder of her life denouncing Mormonism.

But is it the resentful Eliza who is believed to haunt the Salt Lake City Forest Farm House. Many visitors have seen Eliza staring out the front window of this real haunted house. There have also been reports of phantom footsteps, voices of ghostly children, and rattling of doorknobs.  Reliable sources have told of objects magically being moved and the smells of freshly made food wafting down the hallways although nothing had been cooked. There is little doubt by those who have seen the paranormal happenings that the Forest Farm House is in fact one of the real haunted houses in Salt Lake City.

Could Eliza’s discontent with her marriage have been so strong she still lingers in the farmhouse? Does she wander the house she so hated to express her unhappiness from beyond the grave? Do the spirits of lost children remain to play in the halls of the haunted house?

Only recently has This is the Place State Park recognized the hauntings in the old farmhouse, even revealing that a logbook has been kept to report unexplained happenings. This haunted house must have its share of secrets to be one of the most ghostly locations in Salt Lake City.

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