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The Old Primary Children’s Hospital – Real Haunted Houses in Utah

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All the best horror films have children in them. Nothing is scarier than haunted children eerily laughing or singing in seemingly empty rooms of an old, cavernous haunted house. Children who haunted The Ring, The Shining, and The Grudge took center stage in thousands of real-life nightmares. What if the children weren’t part of some cinematic terror, but spirits of real kids who suffered in life and passed before their time?

The Old Primary Children’s Hospital, located in the Capitol Hill area of Salt Lake City, was a foreboding brick structure set atop a steep hill on Twelfth Avenue.  The hospital was abandoned for years after the it relocated, and it was during this time that many stories were spun about its hauntings; it was known as one of the most haunted places in Salt Lake City. The decaying building was fenced off to keep the curious out—or could it have been to keep the spirits in?

Visitors to the Salt Lake City site swear that the structure is undeniably haunted with the ghosts of children who perished there. Brave trespassers could hear children laughing, crying, and screaming down the dilapidated halls. Reports of pediatric patients painfully crying out for help have come from more than one who dared explore the abandoned Salt Lake City hospital.

The top floor of the hospital is particularly known for being haunted: ghostly apparitions have been seen wandering the rooms, as have spirits of little children searching for their mothers. Unearthly nurses and doctors may have remained after death to care for the sickly children in this haunted Salt Lake City hospital.

The hauntings in the Old Primary Children’s Hospital fed rich folklore in Salt Lake City for years. The building has now been converted to luxury condominiums. Perhaps the ghostly children finally vacated the building in which they died. Or did the condo residents buy into one of the real haunted houses of Salt Lake City?

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